Vodka Aunt is the loud, usually inebriated and funnest member of your extended/immediate family. Usually they take the younger members of the family under their slightly uncoordinated wing. They are usually the one to let obscenities fall in the presence of children rationalizing "this is the real world and they're gonna hear them anyway" while taking a sip from their drink and telling the embarrassing stories of other relatives. Instead of practical gifts, the Vodka Aunt will go out of her way to get something insanely fun (possibly mildly inappropriate). The Vodka Aunt is the one who gave you your first real sip of alcohol as a teenager and often borrows other people's children to go on adventures; promptly returning them loaded with sugar, cranky and in possession of a new toy with obscenely loud sound effects. The Vodka Aunt can also apply to non-blood related family members as well, such as close family friends. Often seen hanging out with the Weed Cousin.
"Who's that drunk lady that keeps telling your 3yr old there isn't enough vodka in her vodka?" "Oh thats Jane, the Vodka Aunt. She's the one who got banned from the zoo for flipping off the monkeys."
by platypiandi November 24, 2015
A vodka Aunt is that aunt that always shows up to family events whether it be a wedding or a baby shower already tipsy. Depending on how brazen she is, she will carry a discret flask (not as discreet by 2pm when she is taking shots from it, giving zero fucks) or just show up with a bottle of Absolut.

The average Vodka Aunt can also be found at bars and concerts partying like she is still 20, but can't hold her liquor like she used. Ah, who's kidding she was going home with leaves in her hair and missing a shoe when she was in her 20's too.

For more info see, "Drunk Cougar"
Oh, that's just Rachel. She's the family vodka aunt. Sorry about what she did to your living room rug.
by JokerFaced August 8, 2015