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A middle-aged female (usually a mother) who enjoys drinking a refined, complex red or white wine most likely bought from Whole Foods with her other middle-aged female friends while exchanging neighborhood gossip. Common topics during this odd ritual include but are not limited to: annoying children, idiotic husbands, fundraisers for an elementary or middle school, that one neighbor who enjoys starting drama, and other neighbors who choose not to maintain their lawn. Wine mothers also tend to post their gatherings on Facebook.
Brenda: Sharon, would you like to join us this evening? We're drinking your favorite!
Sharon: Of course! You know, Martin won't be home tonight, but the kids will be fine.
Brenda: Oh Sharon, you are such little spit-fire! I admire your courage and spontaneous attitude.
Brenda's emo daughter: Ugh, you guys are such wine moms.
by smigwig February 22, 2018
fire ass song from the kid's tv show "the backyardigans", i guess its meant for children but i dont care it goes hard af
*castaways plays*
its sumn about that song that just make you wanna get up and bust a mothafuckin MOVE
by smigwig May 29, 2021
my hero academia but you're annoying so you say it in japanese
sum weeb idk: dude boku no hero academia is so overhyped there are so many better animes
everyone else: ok word but just say it in english fuCK
by smigwig March 29, 2021
in fanfiction, a genre that is supposed to make the reader feel sad just for the sake of feeling sad. depending on how well it's written, you'll either cry or cringe
that story had so much angst and drama for no reason, like that bitch was just tryna eat her lunch she aint have to start talking philosophy n shit
by smigwig March 29, 2021