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Wine moms are like those fun drunk girls you always meet at parties, except now they're all grown up! They know how to have fun and won't let age get in their way of some drunken moments. They are the definition of extra and they're definitely those ladies at the block party getting drunk off of too much pink wine
"hey ladies, I brought the white Zinfandel to the play date!"

"Tina it's only 11 o'clock! This is too funny, we are so bad. Go wine moms amirite"
by Thequestionis Whoare You March 6, 2015
Communal cheese is cheese shared by all, chopped by a friend and eaten by another, or just plain sharing cheese with a stranger.
"Hey Patty, mind chopping this cheese up for me?" "Sure Bob, I know you love communal cheese!"
by Thequestionis Whoare You August 28, 2011