The act of a female queefing on you
Dude, we were doing it so hard last night, and she totally windstormed me
by baseball20114 February 23, 2011
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Performing an act of oral copulation while the receiving party is in the midst of defecation.
The term "brown-nosing" took on an entirely new and altogether more literal meaning when Jane discovered that Bob had a case of explosive diarreah whilst she was in the midst of giving him a hershey windstorm.
by C.S. Lewis Jr. September 8, 2004
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The act of farting in a girls face while in a 69 position.
I gave Linds an Egyptian windstorm last nigh and she was pissed
by bruce the duce September 5, 2009
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When your giving our woman anal and she farts on your dick.
That Bitch gave me a Chicago windstorm and I threw her out the door.
by Soultaker5 November 18, 2006
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When something or someone is extremely elusive. Disappearing quickly and unexplainable.
When the cops pulled up, the crack whore disappeared like a fart in a windstorm.
by Silltacrew July 1, 2019
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When a male shoots his jizz on the outermost part of the girls anal hole. After this is done the girl simply farts to make the jizz look like a "Russian Windstorm"
Sally gave great anal but she killed the mood when she got her Russian Windstorm on me.
by CanadianNinja March 4, 2011
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The act of sensually licking and then blowing on your partners nipples while sporting a robust beard
She wasn't very into me until I gave her the Norwegian windstorm
by Sillyllama1624 April 12, 2014
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