where Youtubers just keep telling you what to do, like an ad
logan paul: plug plug plug ( buy merch)
jake paul: plug plug ( buy merch)

dang plugins
by ahfukajshfk January 05, 2018
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if you were to plug into somebody it would basically mean your having sex mainly said from the male point of view
dude: may i plug-in to you?

chick: yes you may
by marcopolo620 June 07, 2009
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What you say when you see a beautiful woman that you'd like to pleasure with every inch of your manliness
- Homeboy, look at dat fine piece o ass!

- Damn son! Sure as hell would like to plug in to dat bitch!
by T-Rawls November 24, 2011
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WHen you spray paint your dick white on the shaft and white on the tip you shove your dick in some ones ass and say yep my phone is charged
Dude my phone is die hurry up and bend over so I can plug in

Dude do you have a i phone charger no but I have my ass so plug in
by The real plug May 24, 2017
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