Ok! all you people saying it sucks and shit! it sucks now because its like over 10 years old and its no even supported! Back than it was like state-of-the-art!
Kid: Windows 98 sucks! It wont even run a programed designed specifically for windows vista!


kid kills himself.
by wesikens March 3, 2008
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I hate to tell you "asshats" this, but Windows 98 is actually a 16 and 32-bit hybrid system. It's basically Windows 95 with IE integrated into explorer.
It crashes alot, because it's an operating system designed to run 32-bit applications, but still runs on a 16-bit subsystem, namely DOS.
Alot of instabilities, however, aren't the cause of 'Doze itself, and are usually IRQ conflicts and/or lame, fagass applications (read: AOL) being installed by the user.
Ted: What a cockup this Windows 98 is.
Bill: You try doing something better with reused code, assclown.
by nicko2k June 16, 2003
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An operating system that is better than even the latest MAC OS
Windows 98 crashes a lot less often and you can do more things on it than a MAC
by wot2the January 11, 2008
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The word you look up in the dictionary when you're either out of perverted words to laugh at or you press 'random word' a lot (Like I did).
What a rip. This thing won't go up like my other window does.. kids and their new fads.
by Rio April 16, 2004
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A clusterfuck, or shit show. As describing someone stumbling along in a presentation or explanation. Refers to the Windows 98 operating system crashing during its initial demonstration.
Doug, I'm not going to just sit here while you Windows 98 your way through the presentation.
by Tender Vittles9 April 20, 2020
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Pretty much the ideal 32-16 bit operating system for high end DOS gaming PCs (80486DX-33 up to Pentium III). A great thing about this OS it that it's compatible both with late 90's complex programs for Windows and is still compatible with older MS-DOS programs. This is the last good OS built from DOS (ME was the absolute last but had major stability problems and other issues). It's high performance and large compatibility makes it a great Gaming OS for systems in the late 90's.
I installed Windows 98 on my Pentium 133 with 32 MB of RAM with a Sound Blaster 32, S3 Virge with ISA and PCI.
by Sinusoidal January 2, 2017
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The only way that you could make this OS run for any period of time is by not running it. Or just run the whole thing from its 16-bit (but really 2-bit) command line, DOS.
My dog could write better operating systems than Windows 98 by urinating on a keyboard.
by edwin May 15, 2004
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