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Shorterned version of angin to be used if something or someone is unbelievably ugly, or unattractive in any way
That boy was pure ang
by Rio July 14, 2004
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A similar word to mingin, something or someone who isn't physically attractive, and makes the person shudder at the thought of
Look at Xeena, She's so angin
by Rio July 14, 2004
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like the coolest tv show ever, with that disabled guy who ses ya i no and vicky pollard etc
'u watchin little britan later' 'computer sez no'
by Rio January 21, 2005
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MCDONALDS - Mc DUM ALL (who eat there)

a place where I used to Work on My high school years and where you can rob alot of money if you got the Manager Codes! ja ja ja - fuck up food by the way.
by Rio August 18, 2003
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a word invented by the rio tainy and hayley ppl. meaning oh shit in a depressing way.
girl: your going to die
by Rio May 05, 2005
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a derranged child found wearing trackky bottoms (tucked into white sock), classic shoes, burbury hat and usually has some sort of speach impediment to make them sound hard , dirt rubbed onto face for added affect
oi cheif yas gott foksin mint at spitin
by Rio December 19, 2003
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