Something that's horribly screwed up, ruined or destroyed. Originally a British expression. Can be used as a noun or verb.
I think I cocked up my exam last night.
That car accident was a real cockup - traffic was backed up for miles!
by berkeleygirl December 7, 2005
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cockup means that the penis is in the correct position
in the vagina when a couple are having sexual intercourse
I was in bed with the sexspecialist and I had my cockup
by Stias December 8, 2005
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When someone is giving oral sex to a male, and tries to deepthroat it, but almost pukes
"Ima make you cockup ho"
by WUT U SAI October 15, 2008
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A cockup means someone has made a real mess of something
The universlty student had not done enough revision and made a real
cockup of his finals which meant he would have to resit them later in the year.
by Stias December 8, 2005
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An exercise conducted in the way of a normal pushup, but utilizing only the penis instead of both arms.
I have a very large penis... it is because of all the cockups I do.

I'd like to do cockups on that girl. Damnnn.

As a 60 year old man, the doctor suggested I use Viagra. Being a naturalist, I chose to do cockups instead.
by Nave Nedrob March 9, 2009
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The maximum number of men a female pornstar will work with at one time.
The back of Sasha Grey's headshot listed her cockupancy as 7 dudes.
by Beezie4Sheezie December 7, 2009
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An abundance of useless employees and managers that cant do their simple jobs and can further longer a day for the "potential fuck or fuckee." leads to penile frustration or vaginal moodiness.
-hey yooo, tryin to get food? or is crystal coming through?

-na, they put the cockupation block on me, she aint getting out of there till 230-3. some bullshit rite? she needs to get the hell out there so i can tear her ass up. something....shit. damn that fucking place. always some shit. fuck.

-sooo....want to get food or what?

-fuck you nigga!
by eyewatch April 28, 2011
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