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1) Stupid slang for the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

2) Male genitalia.
1) Joe: "Dude, let's go see that new Willy Wonker movie on friday!"

Hector: "What?"

Joe: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Hector: "KK"

2) Street Slut: "Hey big boy, how bouts you show me that nice looking Willy Wonker down there?"
by interesting45 May 16, 2010
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A Dick head who things he has a big dick but in reality it’s as small a peanut. He thinks he’s funny but the funniest thing about him is when he pees himself whenever he’s scared or laughing too much from his own joke.
“You willy wonker! You small Dick
by DILDO BAGGINZ January 02, 2018
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