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The bane of Mexicans everywhere.
James K. Polk stole the Rio Grande!
by interesting45 May 15, 2010

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A variety of slut, unique in the fact that instead of hanging out in plazas, parties, or cheap ass bars, roams the streets in search of a fuckable object. Be very wary of these sluts, as most have multiple STD's. Female.
The Street Slut mistook the plastic packaging for a dildo, due to the poor lighting and promptly started flicking the bean.

Joe shot at the Street Slut in a desperate attempt to get away from the highway.
by interesting45 May 16, 2010

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1) Stupid slang for the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

2) Male genitalia.
1) Joe: "Dude, let's go see that new Willy Wonker movie on friday!"

Hector: "What?"

Joe: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Hector: "KK"

2) Street Slut: "Hey big boy, how bouts you show me that nice looking Willy Wonker down there?"
by interesting45 May 16, 2010

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