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The shittiest high school in Plano Independent School District. Full of mexicans that think they are hot shit and teachers who dont know how to teach. It has the highest amount of kids who admit to smoking weed though. above 60 percent, at least we have that! The school mascot is an indian "Warrior" and quite possibly is the most cliche thing in the world. Williams is located in East Plano, and is even ghetto by East Plano standards. More than 20 different types of STDs were found in the school with only one swab. embarassing.
"Hey what school do you go to?"
"T.H. Williams High School nigga!'
"Embarrassing" *backs away/no longer talks*
by Pwnzoar August 14, 2008
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A building where people are groped in the halls, teachers don't care if people make out in the halls (or for that matter have sex), and it sucks. It is also half of the training ground for Plano East Senior High School
Losers attend Williams High School and I think the school should burn down!
by someone February 09, 2005
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A very shitty highschool with a bunch of mexicans and black people fighting over gangs and some stupid shit like gang violence. Williams has the highest % ofkids who do drugs they proved it by many drug test from random kids than any other school. The second % in plano isd school is vines.
Person One: Cant wait till this weekend
Person two: Why

Person2: CUZ IM GETTIN HIGH AND AFTER GETTING FUCKED UP NIGGA after i get out Williams Highschool
by FAIRYTWO November 07, 2010
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