Tim was nutin when his mother walked in
by Kitkat4356 November 14, 2016
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a girls who's face is hott and the rest is not
mann that chick is nutin but face
by cheap_trick_rick July 13, 2009
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noun. nuttin'- button

The button at street corners that "switch" the light from green to red so that pedestrians can cross the street, but the button in fact really does absofuckinglutely nothing.

God damn fucking Nutin' Button.
by Mike inc. December 29, 2005
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A Hip-Hop Representative For Manistee Michigan Very Skilled in His Musical Craft's, as well as a veteran of the Metal Scene Completely Fearless on a Microphone... Produced His Own CD in 2008 Entitled "bALL's Deep" With Collaborations From Class act's Like ElementArie's, M2K, T Pavia, and B-Ball...
Fluent With Both Acoustic and Electric Guitars, The Bass, Keyboards/Pianos, Drums, Music Production and Sound Engineering, From Start To Finish, Sampling, Foley Audio, Reason 4.0, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Audacity and a master of Both Sober and Drunken Poetry... it would be safe to say that He's Easy on Your Ears.
Shnikee's Thats One Wicked Emcee that "Bustin Nutin" what a Vocab...
by Leo Lenny April 17, 2009
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