A kid who tries to be dank by saying "kys" or uses the word "cunt, skrub, and pleb" and usually uses "XD". Stay away from these kids. They're annoying..
"Omg this edgy kid was so annoying to deal with."
by I dont like you July 09, 2016
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A group of kids who do dumb things like smash Smarties and yell "I LOVE COCAINE" or whip and dab so much that it isn't cool anymore. They also listen to songs on repeat, generally from Bart Baker( Not dissing him ) or any song that only uses cuss words. They're a lot of the time jocks, and no matter how annoying they are you really don't hate them, it would just be nice if they sat down in their damn bus seat and bring some earphones.
God those edgy kids from 5th Grade are so annoying, Whipping is so 2015.
by Mitsuh Miyah May 13, 2016
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