The person that is there for you whenever you need them, the person that makes you want to be better, the person that you love and cherish forever.

(Hint: getting married to a woman you don't love isn't a good idea, don't do it.)
I wish I had a wife instead of a woman I have to constantly put up with.
by zach0301 July 05, 2010
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Someone who is there for you no matter what! Companion, helper around the house, helps with kids, helps prepare meals. Someone who is inspires, postive, and always there to help you when your down. Wife doesn't determine sex. It's a partnership. Someone who is family regardless of blood relationship.
My best friend is the best wife a girl could ask for
by Positivey April 26, 2017
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The beautiful, inteligent, classy and fulfilling companion of a man that is wise enough to notice such qualities. Usually despised and hated on by the baby momma.
I found the woman that completes me, now I call her my wife.
by B-Real February 02, 2004
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term used in reference to the woman in which a man is the most emotionally involved with & who he feels the most obligation toward. she typically has characteristics which would make her a desirable long-term partner.
Porscha is super badd but I'm out with wife tonight.
by realist63 January 28, 2010
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A contraction of two words; With, and Life, making the workd Wife. A person with a wife is a person with life.
He is so lucky to be a man with a wife. She is so lucky to be a woman with a Wife.
by SuzTheAdviceLady October 18, 2011
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