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A German derived name, which turned into a frase in the early 90's.
Quite popular in Southern Africa, the original description was used to describe the events in which a individual, after they have consumed 4.38kg of alcohol and/or illegal substances, proceeds to urinate on priceless paintings. Else to be repeatedly slapped through the face with purple turtle doves in quick succesion.
The more modern description dictates the state of the mind and body the day after the previously mentioned happend.
Old definition: "George and I should really get out sometime for n bro's night, I think I should suprise him with a wian. He'd like that.

New definition: "Dude, we went ape shit and everything last night, wasn't that your moms painting? Ah and remember those doves? Holy shit man, I feel like a real wian now, I think im just going to stay in today though.
by FollowingWian September 22, 2011
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