an exceptionally large penis, usually measuring over or about 11 inches in length
that porn star's got a monster cock

i cant believe that chick can take that monster cock
by stevenbleven May 15, 2003
Often referred to as an "M.C", a monster cock is an unusually yet pleasantly large penis. Large enough to leave a nice red mark when struck upon a ho's face but not so large that it leaves a bruise.
She awoke in the strange bed and looked over the edge. There it was, the tell-tale gold Magnum wrapper. She quietly added another check to the Monster Cock list and hobbled out of the room.
by LuvsMCs November 8, 2007
A cock that is longer than a ruler
Woah! Yuri from DDLC has a monster cock!
by GalaxiCat April 4, 2019
1. A rooster that was trained for fighting other roosters.

2. The penis of a typical black male adult.
1. That asshole Jimmy down the street is having cock fights again. He's been turning almost all of his roosters into Monster Cocks!

2. That black guy is always wearing some very baggy pants. He must have a monster cock.
by valleyman01 October 18, 2010
An especially large penis.

Don't show this to your parents.
Boy 1: Laura has a Monster Cock.
Boy 2: I know right?
by Your Secret Santa :) November 21, 2020
With her captive tied naked to her bed the evil Wicked Wanda gazed down on Agent Long with an evil smirk, as she fondled and squeezed his incredible monster cock.
by barefeet98 December 19, 2008