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A compliment- referring to either muscles or more commonly, the mail genitalia. Also associated with terms such as "biggie" or "bigs". Add "particularly", "fairly", or "rather" for added enjoyment.
Joe: Bob, you're looking rather large toay.
Bob: Why thank you Joe, you're pushing 12 inches yourself.
by biggie December 05, 2004

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an erect penis
whoa dude whenever i see that chick dude its like dude she gives me a woody

another variation:
i woke up this morning with early morning wood
by biggie August 22, 2003

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The man, a rich player
It's the big dondatta
F$%@ poppa
You got ta
Call me Frances M.H.. White
by Biggie March 16, 2005

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A intensely annoying fart that takes on it's own persona after being emmited from your anus. Also, is the first ever black woman.
I was making love last night and Whoopie Goldberg popped out from under the covers.
by Biggie April 21, 2003

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A child who suffers from mental and/or physical retadation. Usually associated with oversized foreheads and excessive dribbling.
"Run Forrest, you damn Div Kid...TIMMY!!!"
by Biggie April 21, 2003

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Semi-Disparaging term for any person with the name of Jay or Jason.
Jayboy is smoking.....again!!
Where is Jayboy?
Jayboy are you coming down the tiger lounge?
by Biggie January 03, 2005

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6:25pm«biggie » lotox ur a fucking noob loser b!tch ass losers
a h4xx0r on UnKnoWnCheaTs!!! w00t w00t!
by biggie September 21, 2004

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