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When a white person tells a person of color how to respond to or view a topic, usually when discussing race relations or inequality
Chad: Cops kill more white people than black people, on average.
Jasmine: Probably because there are more white people in America than there are black, but way to go whitesplaining again, Chad.
by Bootydick May 27, 2020
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Any topic taught or discussed by a white person that is remotely connected with non-white issues to an audience of color that is found to make said people of color uncomfortable or jealous or triggered.
Shoot, bro, when dat white dude started telling me that my calling white girls cracka hoes was racist, I says how DARE you start whitesplaining anything to me, you damned oppressor!
by jlujan69 August 31, 2020
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2. When a white person commits a heinous act only to have it explained away by other way people as "not that bad" or is otherwise given the benefit of the doubt in a way that would not never happen for anybody who wasn't white.

3. Actually it doesn't even have to be a heinous act. It can even be normal behavior. Like the way they admire other white people from Europe. They would break their necks trying to help someone who speaks French or German. Let someone speak Spanish and they just shout something like, "Speak English!"

Ex. Mexicans are "foreigners" or "immigrants" (even thought they're actually from the same continent!) but white people from Europe are "travelers" or "expats".
Real life examples of White-'splaining:

Real Life Example 1: White man who is the father of 2 was found guilty of possessing kiddie porn.
Response from another white person: "Just because he had kiddie porn doesn't mean he was a bad father - unless it was his kids in the pictures."

Real Life Example 2: Those black people just keep shooting each other. Their neighborhoods are filled with crime. We should lock them all up.
Response from white people after Columbine, Newtown, Chris Benoit and every other white mass shooting: This a terrible tragedy but there's nothing we can do about it. It just happened.

Random Example 3: White guy robs a bank: He was at the end of his rope trying to feed his family. Mexican guy robs a bank: Those people shouldn't be here anyway.
by trekkiebear December 19, 2013
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When white people try to explain to other ethnicities about their culture in a derivative or arrogant way.
I was talking to Sam, Savannah, Katherine and Kayla earlier. They kept whitesplaining to me.
by Ricejam300 December 31, 2017
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