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When two or more obese individuals have intercourse, and due to their weight, resemble a stack of meat.
Your parents look like they make a stackie quite often.
by Bootydick December 30, 2015

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When you and the bros beat off into each others mouths in unison in order to form a delicate equilibrium of protein transference. A group of males can live for hundreds of years if this is executed correctly, with no need for continual sustenance from any outside source.
Bro, let’s begin the process of brotein recycling for the sake of health benefits.
by Bootydick August 07, 2019

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When a white person tells a person of color how to respond to or view a topic, usually when discussing race relations or inequality
Chad: Cops kill more white people than black people, on average.
Jasmine: Probably because there are more white people in America than there are black, but way to go whitesplaining again, Chad.
by Bootydick May 27, 2020

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