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The REAL HU (of HBCU's, big up's to Harvard), founded in 1867.
Prestigious Historically Black University.
Home of the Famous "Homecoming at Howard".
"The Fashion Show", "The Mecca", "Chocolate City", "The Hilltop"
Excellent place of study for those in favor of the uplifting of fellow black people, and place of preparation for excellence in the real world, as well as grassroots in the nation's capital for matchless career opportunities.
Often hated on by those jealous at HIU, aka Hampton University.
"Anyone would be lucky to receive an education at Howard University."
by E.Jordan HU2012 January 29, 2009
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a campus set in the ghetto of Washington D.C., where whites are a minority and gang-bangs and robberies have been increasing since 2002. Stabbing has become an everyday activity and has since been adopted as a varsity sport. Their other achievements include dice, with reigning champion Ashy Larry who is a former alum. Courses include Tyler Perry 101 and how to survive jail."Boys in the Hood" and "Friday" are loosely based off everyday life at Howard. Watching Katt Williams and Dave Chappelle are course requirements before enrolling. Your son/ and or daughter, will come out with important life skills suck as: how to roll a joint, how to beat the crap of people, and how to play Grand-Theft Auto(for real)
Hoodlum 1: "Hey! I got into Howard University!"

Gang Leader: "Congradulations! You can be just like me now!"
by SweatyD.C.ballsack July 19, 2010
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