The act of a caucasian person explaining to audiences of color the true nature of racism; a caucasian person explaining sociopolitical events and/or history to audiences of color as though they are ignorant children; a caucasian person explaining to audiences of color that what they think will benefit themselves and their families and communities will in fact harm them, and vice versa.
U.S. Senator Rand Paul whitesplained to students at Howard University that a black Republican founded the NAACP.

"'We know our history,' Hay said of Paul's question. 'This is now; that was in the past.'"
by H.K. Anders April 11, 2013
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The argument of last resort by a racist individual who believes someone's race determines whether they are correct or not. Typically used when someone cannot actually muster a coherent/rational argument.
"Oh no, I have no argument... Wait! He's white! I don't need to have an argument to win, all I have to do is point out that he's whitesplaining and I automatically win! Racism is just the best!"
by TzoTzo July 4, 2017
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When a white person explains something to a minority, uninvited, about a topic they are either equally qualified or more qualified to talk on.

Examples: Chelsea Handler telling 50 Cent he is black as relating to his voting preference. Joe Biden telling people "you ain't black" if they don't vote for him
When Fiddy got out of line, Chelsea put him in his place with some righteous whitesplaining.
by 1noway128 October 24, 2020
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When a white person tries to explain to a person of colour about their own culture, history, language and behaves like they are more informed about it.
Radha: Not that Karen trying to tell me about Indian history

Bingwen: what the hell is this whitesplaining
Radha: Tell me about it, when I said "Girl I am Indian" she literally ignored me!
by pissedoffpoc August 29, 2021
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When a white person tells a person of color how to respond to or view a topic, usually when discussing race relations or inequality
Chad: Cops kill more white people than black people, on average.
Jasmine: Probably because there are more white people in America than there are black, but way to go whitesplaining again, Chad.
by Bootydick May 27, 2020
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When a white person tells a person of color how they should feel or respond to a topic, usually when discussing race relations or systemic racism. While whitesplaining, the individual will often mention a self-hating black person that agrees with their viewpoint.
My community has been celebrating Juneteenth for generations, but Karen just heard of the holiday for the first time at a Donald Trump rally, and she tried to whitesplain as to why we should celebrate our emancipation on January 1st. She says that good black people like Ben Carson, Candace Owens, and Clarence Thomas agrees and that other blacks should too.
by Chris Spillane July 5, 2020
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When a white woman speaks very slowly to a brown woman, telling her how to perform a chore or proper etiquette in a public space, as if the brown woman has never performed the task before or as if the brown woman does not know how to behave in a social situation. You will often find a 'Becky' whitesplaining something to her one token brown friend.
Aisha grew up in a large family where house chores were mandatory and you had to be considerate of all the other people living in the household. Still, her first roomate in college (we'll call her Becky) felt the need to whitesplain to her not to load the dishwasher with the fork side up because someone could really hurt themselves taking the dishes out. Rather than words, hand gestures were mostly used to reenact an injury because of course even with the really slow talking, Becky didn't think Aisha would understand the right way to load a dishwasher unless she showed her how it was done.
by sexlessinseattle December 4, 2017
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