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Any topic taught or discussed by a white person that is remotely connected with non-white issues to an audience of color that is found to make said people of color uncomfortable or jealous or triggered.
Shoot, bro, when dat white dude started telling me that my calling white girls cracka hoes was racist, I says how DARE you start whitesplaining anything to me, you damned oppressor!
by jlujan69 August 31, 2020

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Basically, it consists of a clear rubber hose long enough to fit in a car gas tank & a container (gummint approved or not) to hold the gasoline. Hose needs to be clear so you can see when the gas starts flowing and thereby avoid swallowing too much gas.
Junior, go an' fetch us our WV credit card so's we can git our petrol from brother Cletus's 1977 Nova. Hell, he don't need all 8 gallons fer hisself!
by jlujan69 April 15, 2020

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