Latrodectus pallidus commonly named white widow or white steppe spider is a member of the spider genus Latrodectus, in the family Theridiidae. The black widow spiders (Latrodectus mactans and Latrodectus hesperus) are the most famous members of this group. White widows are found in North Africa, the Middle East, Southern Russia, Iran, and Cape Verde. The venom of the white widow as with all Latrodectus spiders is considered medically significant, although severe illness or death resulting from Latrodectus bites is extremely rare.
Abdul felt severe muscle pain and nausea after being bitten by a white widow spider.
by Steven01 June 26, 2006
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An overhyped midgrade type of weed that americans think is the jam but the dutch pass off as nothing special. Can get a quarter of it for 30 bucks in holland
Yo, David, you get any good bud? Yeah. I got some super mexican haze that kicks the shit out of that white widow we had the other day. Bitchin'!
by Tom Bosley April 11, 2005
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White widow is a potent weed. It develops many white THC crystals hence the word white, and is very expensive. The reason for its name of widow is very dangerous. You take a dried up black widow(not to old though) and place it under the bowl in a pipe. The weed sucks out the hallucinogenic properties of the black widows venom. This is highly dangerous, and i highly do not recommend it. It does deliver an amazing trip but the chance of fatality does not make it worth it.
stoner 1: dude i just bought some white widow
stoner 2: dude nice
stoner 3: hey man i got a dried up black widow if u want
scavenger smoker: hey guys can i get a hit
stoners 1-3: fuck u
by ColinSaysFuckYou August 01, 2009
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be careful you mite get crack in white widow, but get the right one it leans u up
by CraigyB July 04, 2003
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A rock band based out of Richmond Hill, Ontario. Members include Samuel, Anton, Christian, and Elisha.
"Yo I'm going to see White Widow play at the Opera House on Feb. 2nd/07... you comin'?"
by wwwwhite wwwwwidow December 27, 2006
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