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One who dosn't finance their own weed purchases, and attempts to smoke everyone else's shit for free
Be Aware of the Following Statements:
"Oh, you guys are smoking, can I get a quick hit of that"
"If I knew we were getting weed I would have thrown down"
"Dude I hard a rough day, just let me smoke"
"Your friend ate some of my cookies, the hell I can't smoke"

All statements popularized by one of my roomates, who is the definition of a scavenger smoker.
by Kyle coondeezy September 05, 2007
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A person who often uses others or bums from other people for a hit or maybe an entire tobacco or marijuana cigarette. Often times a person becomes a scavenger smoker because of lack of income.
Scavenger smoker: "You know if I had be some weed I'd smoke it wit' you, don't be stengy."
by nitkthenyetminder November 19, 2004
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