'With' typed badly.
by Another Rabbit February 16, 2018
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slang Glaswegian term for saying what
Senga: Awww whit maannn!? Whit ye up tae, ya mad bam!?
by Junior Belchybum November 18, 2003
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A Super Hot and Sexy Woman with Junk in 'er Trunk.
"Daammnn, dawg, did you see that whit ova there? She is fiiiine."
by Michael J. Whitlover December 13, 2005
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A super hot guy who is tall and does triathlons. He has awesome pecs, biceps, deltoids, and quads. When you flirt with him, he pretends to be shy about it, but he really doesn't want you to stop. He has gorgeous eyes and he makes tons of money. Everybody loves him because he has such a great sense of humor and lots of cool experiences to talk about.
You can't be a whit because you have no money and you suck at races.
by Pretty Shadow July 16, 2010
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And nickname for the name whitney.
everyone called her whit but, her real name was whitney.
by whitney September 27, 2003
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The word Whit is a combination of well and shit that is used in today's tech language and usually used to end akward silence in a chat with 2 active people.
Jhon: Ugh I can't like life anyone
2 minutes pass
Joanna: Whit then
by Swazzel February 18, 2018
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A male who is skilled in everything.
After: John catches the football backwards while doing a flip during his first time playing football.
“Damn, that guy is a Whit!"
by Lillian Caprinoli February 21, 2015
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