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'With' typed badly.
by Another Rabbit February 16, 2018
Idiot. Most often used in games (both written and verbal) by kids.
by Another Rabbit April 7, 2018
Lemme just get some fresh Nambian Covfefe.
by Another Rabbit January 12, 2019
A deathstack is a large unit (or 'stack') of units/armies/troops, usually encountered in strategy games, notable for its size, which is intended to be large enough such that it cannot be successfully defended against by a unit of normal size. Note that a deathstack does not necessarily signify a quantity-over-quality approach, but instead significant and dense concentrations of force.

"Deathstack" can also be used as a verb, typically meaning the act of creating and/or using deathstacks.
Napoleon learned the hard way that his 450k deathstack was taking more attrition damage from the cold than he'd initially predicted.
by Another Rabbit April 15, 2021