Whatever mean yes you are correct
My dad started saying this when we keeping saying it so whatever means yes your correct
by Kw you know it December 02, 2018
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WHATEVER is a bull shit word that means "you just don't give a shit" about any thing That is going on about the situation AT THE TIME "WHATEVER" is said when your frustrated or pissed.
Mom says: "The house is clean when I leave for work every day, so when I get back from work I exspext the house to be clean as well".

Kids/dad: says "WHATEVER"
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It's just a word used to respond to other words. It doesn't matter what the other words are, it's just an answer.
You're welcome, I hope this is no help what-so-ever.
"I'm just saying a pointless comment about your life"
by Yeahokayyy October 03, 2017
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