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A dangerous Irish-American racketeering association based in Hell’s Kitchen, a rough neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side.

“The most savage organization in the long history of New York street gangs,”
-Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor of New York

The Westies are the most badass motherfuckers in New York City.

by Bobby Cusack January 14, 2007
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Ejaculate deposited into the hand, usually in an work environment, for the purpose of flicking at a female colleague.
"Man, that new secretary is hot. If she keeps bending over like that, I might have to chuck her a Westy."
by Mr. G. West July 10, 2008
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Super violent Irish Mob in New York/New Jersey.
Mostly active on the North side of Staten Island, parts of Queens, Parts of North and Central Jersey, and actually still a tough crew in Hells kitchen in Manhattan. The crew from Hells Kitchen is mostly the sons/nephews of the major guys that went to prison in the late 80's and early 90's (Coonan,Cumminskey,etc.) and with them are some of the original members that recently have been released from prison after 15-20 years (Kelly, Bokun,) as well as new recruits and some Irish Republican Army members living over here. They also have a good relationship with most of the major outlaw biker gangs, (Hells Angels, Pagans, Warlocks, The Breed). The Westies are the only guys that the traditional Italian Mafia wont mess with or try to tax. They are too crazy and violent and cannot be reasoned with so they are left alone. They run some of the unions in New York/North Jersey where there are alot of Irish laborers. Usually the guys at the very top of these Unions are Westies. They are also active in parts of the Auto industry (sales,rental,shipping cars, towing, bodywork) and loansharking money which is their bread and butter. Real Crazy, Real Violent Organization
Dont make trouble in that carpenters union in Queens, its run by some Westies, they will send some of their boys to chop your hands off with a frekin ax !!!!!!!
by Rabidbrawler March 30, 2010
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A person who thinks they are solid af but they are in reality they can't even finish a can of cider, also know as a light weight
Girl 1: so how much did he drink

Girl 2: none he was a westy
by Tom mouland December 18, 2016
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someone who lives in the western suburbs, i.e. generally the poorer side of town. Whilst not all residents are (un)worthy of the term westy, simplying living in a suburb with the word west justifies it. Westies are usually angry people with pale ,crappy skin, a testament to the amount of junkfood and soft drink they usually consume. Westies love to wear brands such as wu-tang, DaDA and the eminem show as well as ride bikes with plastic bags attached holding beer cans. They almost always smoke(cigarettes or pot) and they love R&B and usually end up trying to be "sik" like nelly and others by adding such words to their incredibly stunted vocabulary as "dawg", they also swear alot and despite having as much intelligence as a genetically modified carrot they actually are quite original in how many ways they can say fuck(fuckem, fuckest etc...). It is rare at all if westies actually complete high school as most can barely think coherently, let alone actually do simple maths or keep to a schedule.
a person wearing dada, crappy scragly beard who smokes alot.. sorta self explanatory
by benny123 July 08, 2005
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Now extinct New York City Westside Irish Mob, famous in the 70s-80s for their extreme violence. They controlled the Hells Kitchen area of midtown Manhattan, and the construction unions. They killed more people, more violently, than any other organized crime group in New York City in their time. Heads, hands, genitals and other pieces of dispatched enemies were kept as trophies at the Westies hangout, the Sunbrite Bar on 10th. Most surviving members of the gang are serving long prison sentences. Hell's Kitchen is now a Yuppie neighborhood
The 1990s movie "State of Grace" is based on the Westies.

Even the Mafia was afraid of the Westies. They considered them violent, unpredictible, "crazy m*therf*ckers" that couldn't be reasoned with.
by gingernyc August 29, 2007
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People who live in the western suburbs of Sydney, but specifically referring to ferals.
Some of those Westies from Blacktown are real ferals!
by lyndal June 01, 2007
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