A very under mannered person dealing in drugs and wearing raggy clothes eg: Dada!!!! Mainly found in Wendouree WEST, Ballarat. (Untrustable People!!!)
"Get out of my garbage bin you fucking westie, it's not my fault you couldn't be fucked picking up your Centerlink payment"
by brayden July 16, 2004
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A westie is a person that wears clothes such as dada, starts fights (mainly in the retunda outside Bakery Hill McDonalds, Ballarat), deals and uses drugs. The male version of a westie, can vary, having tattoos, piercings, is involved with more than one girl and is most likely a father to a child somewhere. The female version of a westie, tends to have more than one child to many different fathers, they may have tattoos and piercings and tend to mouth off at other females.

Westies are generally found in Wendouree West, but can also be found in other comission houses in the Ballarat area.
They have common unoriginal names such as Steph and Joe.
You fucking westie! Get your drug-fucked head out of my fridge, and get out of my house!
by Benjamin Roule May 7, 2007
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Nickname for the West Highland White Terrier, an intellegent and energetic dog.
A westie is a wonderful dog.
by Westieowner June 24, 2003
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"nobody wears a mullet with more pride than a westie"
by glasrauch April 9, 2003
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An outcast from the wetern suburbs of Sydney, for example Penrith, known to them as Penno. Characterised by their mullets, flanalette (flanno) shirts and use of Aussie slang.
by Loke1 September 24, 2003
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The residents of the western suburbs of Sydney that the middle and upper class residents find hilarious or avoid at all costs. Often found drinking, smoking, and yelling profanities at their feral offspring. One can be identified by his: greasy mullet, ripped flanno shirt, basic knowledge of the english language etc. or her: excessive eye makeup, teenage pregnancy, basic knowledge of the english language etc.
Shazza the westie: Get out of the freezer Darren you little shit and go and get me durries from the car!
by brittandherllama November 20, 2005
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A term that people from the Beaches, North Shore and eastern suburbs call anyone who live west of Wahroonga, Lane Cove, Balmain etc. This includes people who think that because they live in Strathfield they are somehow exempt from being defined as a Westie.
Fuck me, they should put some type of border control at Lane Cove to keep the westie scum from entering the North Shore.
by dodgyd March 24, 2005
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