when you don't want to do something, so much so, that you, well; couldn't be fucked.
mom: "hey Jonny. take out the trash. will ya?"
jonny: "aw mom, i'm sorry but: i just couldn't be fucked."
mom: "you little shit."
by Angus of Regnulass December 27, 2022
A ficticious item that can be used in sarcastic replies to people who tell you something that you really couldn't give two shits about. Especially useful for people who work in customer-facing roles eg. bouncers, security guards etc.
Guy: I really need to get in that club!
Bouncer: You're not coming in.
Guy: But my friends are in there with my ID...
Bouncer: Ah ok, well let me just write that down in my couldn't-give-a-fuck book...
by samwisegamg33 April 22, 2011