Carlos: Do you like fish sticks?
Kanye: Yes.
Carlos: Do you like putting fish sticks in your mouth?
Kanye: Yes.
Carlos: You're a gay fish!
by kustomguitarist April 9, 2009
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a.k.a Kanye West. He has an ego so great, he has a false sense and knowledge of reality. This was brought up to a larger audience by the creators of "South Park".
Also used in a few lame jokes.
-"Dude, you like fishsticks?"
-"Of course man!"
-"Do you like to put them in your mouth..?"
-"Yes, I like to put them in my mouth."
by disingaahzz April 14, 2009
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someone who likes fish sticks, also a nick name given to kayne west by the creators of southpark

Guy: kayne, do you like fish sticks ?
Kayne West: Yea, i love fish sticks
Guy: So you are a gay fish?
Kayne West: WHAT ? No, Im a fukin genius and a gift from god !
by ewabezems April 9, 2009
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The act of cruising for sex near a body of water. Gay fishing can be accomplished near fresh or salt water.
Cody's dream is to travel to Cancun, and go gay fishing for at least 8 Mexicans so that he can beat his orgy record of 7 people.

by TheBonafideMan May 27, 2012
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One who is a homosexual aqautic creature
and likes to put fishsticks in their mouth.
Kanye West became a gay fish after not understanding young Eric Theodore Cartman's (or Carlos Mencia's???)fishsticks joke. He believed that people were trying to get him to believe that inside he was a gay fish, when infact it was simply a joke
by Kanye West the Gay Fish April 28, 2009
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What Kanye West is.
Do you like fishsticks?
What are you a gay fish?
by Zambal September 28, 2009
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