Dude, I bet that icypole is as cold as Antarctica.

No way dude its more like as cold as ballarat.
Totally dude!
by lindzlea August 13, 2011
(and surrounds) is a town about one hour east of Melbourne. 98% of the population are dirt poor. 'Richies' live in either Ballarat East or around Lake Wendouree.

The rest of the population are either bong smokers and/or unemployed.
The town has a huge problem with drunk and unemployed men prowling around at night.
(Ballarat)(bong) (melbourne)(unemployed)(prowling)(drugs)
by SvetlanaBabe October 6, 2010
A town in victoria.
its cool because Cookie lives there.
"Oi, lets go visit Cookie in Ballarat"
by Cook!e February 26, 2008
The only university that have Ressie's who aren't pussy's and can drink any time anywhere. Where here to fuck shit up and get amongst it!! Hoorah!
we will drink you under any table and do what ever it takes to tick some boxes in Ballarat and surrounds
by The JMAC Playboy April 11, 2011
The action in which one inserts a sharpie pen into another's anus
"Duuuude, it's Joe's birthday. Let's Ballarat him!"
by Sharpie pooper November 8, 2013
when i woke up this morning i had a ballarat that hard that you could crush flee's on it
by ryansmith August 9, 2010