Someone who comes from an area in Bristol, UK. This area has a bit of a reputation for being rough and is associated with breaking the law and unsocial behavior.
Your such a wester!
he looks like a dirty wester!
Im not parking my car there, its full of westers!
by LUKECOOPER April 28, 2009
the act of giving someone a desecrate hand job while in the company of a large group, and to regret it later.
Kristina gave Jeff a wester at her sleepover last Friday
by vpdotcom February 8, 2010
An elaborate explanation that puts all exaggerations to shame.
Guy1: Dude, I totally just banged the hottest girl in school!
Guy2: No fucking way dude?! Really?!
Guy1: Well, she kinda just gave me head but it was awesome!
Guy2: Badass man! Forserious?
Guy1: Well... Not really, but we totally made out hardcore man!
Guy2: Come on.. really dude?
Guy1: No... I lied, I got her number though...
Guy2: Dude, that was the biggest Westeration i've ever heard
by Imaobxer March 4, 2009
v. originally it referred to a movement west toward new frontiers, prosperity, freedom etc. but now it suggests movement or progress away from any restaint, any rules, any authority.
This town sucks man. Time to wester.

Salvador Dali's cryptic westering was initially thought to be indicative of temporal lobe epilelepsy.
by gnostic1 January 19, 2011
The worst teacher in the world, constantly on some type of hallucinagenic drugs.
Damn! Did you see what the fuck Wester did with the alcohol and the lighter? He blew his fucking eyebrows off! Ha Ha!
by B January 21, 2005
an amazing, caring, wonderful man/boyfriend and mate! Does not get on with wine (sends him crazy) but otherwise an ok drinker! Someone that you cannot live without!
You're my wester!
by Anonymous June 2, 2003
Dreadful trousers which have a mind of their own and flap disobediently in the wrong (East-West) plane.
Those lovely tweed slacks have turned into East-Westers since the ruddy dry cleaner ruined them and are only fit for gardening in now
by Vera Richardson November 9, 2008