Pronunciation Key: "Wee Moe"
Discriptive word:
1. A word for a person, that assumes, he/she is lonely/emo/alone even though he/she actually is not.
2. Wannabe Emo
My bud:I'm so alone right now....
Me: Dude, We're chilling you wemo, seriously. Shut up!
by Me-hung-low August 14, 2006
A person who tries to be "emo", but is really just preppy in disguise. Wears multiple articles of clothing that are red plaid at the same time (ex. Red plaid skinny jeans with a red plaid hoodie). Favorite band is usually Never Shout Never. Talks about how depressed they are all the time, and dies the end of their hair black, then flips it over their eyes.
Wemo: I looove your jeans! I wish I had jeans like that. God, I hate my life. I'm gonna go cut myself to Never Shout Never.

Non-wemo: Yeah, right. Like your life really sucks that much. Besides, you wouldn't ever cut yourself. Your just a wemo
by Lucywa13 October 8, 2010
Wemos are basicaly Wannabe Emos, see:Emo
They listen to bands such as : Simple plan, Good Charlotte and fall out boy. They spend thier time taking mopy pictures of them self, attempting to wear eye liner, pretending to self harm and sulking about thier "Horrible lives" These "Horrible Lives " consist of: Many friends, a family thats loves them and a nice house.
Alice: How are ya?
Eliza: BAD! I dont enough money to spend on crap eye liner, my life is awful! Im gonna go self harm :(
by Taylor Mcarthy July 11, 2008
"Whats with all the fuckin' Wemos here?"
by Spookaiiiii June 19, 2008
those sad little wanabe emo's
Wemo = wanabe emo.
"oh im so emo,"
*cut cut cry cry*

they WILL annoy the shitt out of you, and they have no real problems.

or the ones that follow the "trends" they think their unique and they look exactly the sme as everyone else.
and the ones who are bi because its the "emo" thing to do.
cunts. :@
"that kid is such a wemo"
"i am NOT a wemo"
"go back to your corner :)"
by mr blobby. March 30, 2007
When someone call's you Wemo what they really mean,is,Well Emo!
Joe: are so Wemo :|
XxHeartFullOfSorrowxX: Aaaaw thanks man,i really caked on my eyeliner today.I think it might be my new extra tight pants :)
Joe: wait what?????
XxHeartFullOfSorrowxX: You just said i was Well Emo : thanks <333
by Huba Huba In hoobland August 21, 2011
Pronounced "Wee-Mo".

Wanna be Emo. Usually young teens seeking attention claiming that they have issues and that no one understands them to the point where emo's think that they are lame.
Shelby's such a wemo.
Look at that wemo.
by Andrea June 14, 2006