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Pronunciation Key: "Wee Moe"
Discriptive word:
1. A word for a person, that assumes, he/she is lonely/emo/alone even though he/she actually is not.
2. Wannabe Emo
My bud:I'm so alone right now....
Me: Dude, We're chilling you wemo, seriously. Shut up!
by Me-hung-low August 13, 2006
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a wannabe emo.
They desperatly want to be emo.
sometimes even call themselves emo.
they claim that EVERYONE calls them emo, but thats not the case.
They go around PRETENDING to self harm, but they dont have the guts to do it.
They try to befriend emos, or emoish people.
They normally try to get into emo clothes but it ends up looking wrong.
They often have long hair, and try to flip it in front of their eyes.
They use words on msn like "lawl" "hawt" "yew" "lobbe"
They often have a myspace, but dont know how to use it properly, they arent good with the codes and most likely cant use the <BR> code. They try to use emo layouts but it doesnt work.
They put makeup on but it doesnt look emo.
it looks wannabed.
they also claim their more emo than everyone else.
They dont really know emo music and are most likely to listen to more alternative and hip hop music.
wemo: Omgz. i lobbbee lip piercings dnt u lawwwll!
person: er,, your a WEMO
by Mariahhxolol April 12, 2007
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guy-omg, im gonna slit my wrists tonight.

girl-no , don't if you do it .. i will kill myself.

both- lets be depressed together ^^

wemos Β¬.Β¬
by a person. ? May 12, 2009
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A person who tries to be "emo", but is really just preppy in disguise. Wears multiple articles of clothing that are red plaid at the same time (ex. Red plaid skinny jeans with a red plaid hoodie). Favorite band is usually Never Shout Never. Talks about how depressed they are all the time, and dies the end of their hair black, then flips it over their eyes.
Wemo: I looove your jeans! I wish I had jeans like that. God, I hate my life. I'm gonna go cut myself to Never Shout Never.

Non-wemo: Yeah, right. Like your life really sucks that much. Besides, you wouldn't ever cut yourself. Your just a wemo
by Lucywa13 October 07, 2010
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An individual who genuinely believes that they're an Emo when they're trying terribly to be one and failing. They'll usually be seen wearing stupid hoodies they bought from H&M, heard complaining about there unimportant problems, and with a make-shift side fringe. They'll have a Myspace account, on which they will have filled out their profile details in text-speak most likely. They'll confuse emo music with indie, rock and metal. They'll say they like bands which they never actually listen to. They will desperately wait for somebody to mention their supposed label of 'Emo', and when someone does it will transpire that they obviously are flattered, but they will deny it half-heartedly. Even though you only said it in the hope of embarrassing them!
Paul: heeeyyyy r u going 2 the simple plan concert in july?
Ian: defooo mayte rock on!111
Me: So, you two, being Emos *trying to embarrass them* must love all heavy music, you know like Simple Plan and.. Good Charlotte and MCR... yup you are so hardcore.
Paul and Ian together: cheers mayte = yea those r our fave bands omg how did u no!1?
Me: I was trying to embarrass you, you wemo, wemoooooo
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adj. Describes a person who tries to be emo but fails, or in other words, wannabe emo. Most wemo people listen to Good Charlotte and Simple Plan while taking pictures of their secretly happy selves in toques and unconvincabley sad expressions. A lot of wemo people DON'T know how to put on eyeliner and many of them sport buzzcuts. Tsk tsk.
"My life sucks. I have a wide circle of friends, a loving family, and roof over my head."
by Rachel March 28, 2005
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