Any drink or dish that is so disgusting and terrible it may feel like you died after eating it.
Weaponizing food has been around for centuries. The Romans weaponized my mother-in-law's tuna casserole to defeat Carthage.
by Rod_A March 24, 2010
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insult - meaning: thick, a fool, a tool,
"Dave shut it ya weapon"

"That Daves a fcukin weapon sometimes"
by Tom Pritchard August 25, 2007
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A term used to describe someone who is a spanner or a tool. A person who is extremely stupid and possibly ugly.
Ant: Hey mate, do you like my new burberry cap?
Jim: Nah mate, it's well chup. You look like a complete weapon!
by Jim July 19, 2004
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Someone who is such a liability when drunk they're a danger to the reputation of themselves and the people they're with.
"He was so hammered last night he got with four different fat girls in that club. I think he fingered one of them on the dance floor!"

"Shit. What a weapon."
by K1NG5 October 26, 2011
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To describe someone, or something that is exceptionally sexy or good.
Mate shes an absolute weapon.
*Porsche GT3 RS flys past* what a fucking weapon!
by AlphaMaleKing January 18, 2020
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