When you're laughing and breathing very hard and you feel as though you're being detached from reality.
"I'm weaning!!!"

"Have you seen that video? I was weaning so hard."

"I couldn't stop laughing. It was a weaning experience."
by SpaceCadette March 5, 2014
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Scottish (mainly West of Scotland) term for a child. Derived from wee-ane (wee-one or little-one) Similar to Bairn
How many weans have you got?

=How many children do you have?
by Lao Fu Zhi April 1, 2005
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(Scottish): Brats, bairns. Wee sooky bastards. Children.

In the Scottish vernacular, wean is either from the words "wee ane" (meaning small one), or something to do with weaning the wee ane aff the milk.
"Oi, wid yi git 'e wean awae fae 'e TV afore he breaks it?"
by Kitty T January 26, 2009
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When an animal or people are taken away from sucking on their moms tits.
Getting off breast feeding.
by MOOSEVILLECCL January 6, 2011
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someone who is a weiner. specifically, they don't really do anything productive or contributing to society. instead they lay around and do nothing. being a weans can be temporary for some, but for others, the conditions can be far worse and eventually turn into a lifestyle. however, for the most part, being a weans is an endearing term meant for lazy friends who should be made fun of on a daily basis.
james: so i woke up the other day around 2 and then i just played video games all day and looked at ebay.

katie: wow... okay ya weans!
by lovekatiegrace February 22, 2011
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having a sour, disagreeable, or unpleasant look on one's face
When someone is constantly frowning we often say he or she was weaned on a pickle because a sour pickle causes us to grimace.
by Moonbeam Snowflake March 28, 2013
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Gibby weans are children that live on Gibbs hill in Scotland, they are known to steal peoples shoes.
"I can't find my shoes!"

"Must of been the Gibby Weans."

"Give me my shoe back! Don't be a Gibby Wean!"
by Turtle Laurens January 8, 2019
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