The first to introduce the "Muscle Car". In 1964, the G.T.O. was offered by Pontiac as a high end option on its popular midsize car, the Tempest LeMans. The High Performance option included a 389 CID engine that could be equipped with either a single 4 bbl or 3-Two bbl carburetors. The package was backed by a 4-Speed Transmission with a Hurst Shifter or an Automatic 3-Speed.
A factory built car that could outperform anything on the street.
Look at that Pontiac outrunning that Corvette! That is what I call power!
by Pontiac Motor Division May 6, 2003
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1. A city in MI. that is ran by predjudice black officials, & police

2. A city in MI. where white people think or wish they were black.

3. A city in MI. where girls like being called hoes

4. A city in MI. where white girls don't say dad they say babydaddy.

5. A city in MI. where someone who never worked a day in their life drives a better car than someone who's worked their entire life.
Pontiac has all kinds of hoes dude.
by XXXGspotter July 12, 2009
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Pontiac, GM's excitement division with such performance-oriented vehicles as the 185HP Aztek, 200HP SV6, and 200HP G6! Excitement indeed.
My Aztek looks lovely, doesn't it?
by J September 29, 2004
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Good car manufacturer. They make nice cars that last a long time and run well. Drive it and see how good they are to drive.
That Pontiac firebird is awesome.
by x15029 May 1, 2008
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Pontiac was an automobile brand that was established in 1926.Quickly overtaking its parent in popularity, it supplanted the Oakland brand entirely by 1933.On April 27, 2009, amid ongoing financial problems and restructuring efforts, GM announced it would discontinue the Pontiac brand by the end of 2010.The last Pontiacs were built in late 2009, with the final dealer franchises expiring October 31, 2010.

P.oor O.ld N.igger T.hinks I.ts A. C.adillac
Man I used to love my old Pontiac
by rain man #10 March 13, 2012
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Poor Old Nigga Thinks Its A Caddilac
That poor old nigga thinks that Pontiac is a Chadic!
by blowjob master June 30, 2022
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THE most effective torque monsters ever produced, a brand that at one point in time dominated both NASCAR and the NHRA. Manufacturers of some of the sexiest cars ever created and crushed by general motors executive management and the federal government's non driving car czars. Only if there were more men like John Delorean, Jim Wangers, and Pete Estes who decided it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission and snuck the GTO out the back door.
Man 1 "What does the front of a Pontiac look like?"
Man 2 "I don't know I've only ever seen the tail lights."

Moron "Hey you know what Pontiac stands for?"
Intelligent Person "Please only nice tits in and around car."
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