When a man, standing naked in a pool, has a large enough erection to breach the surface of the water in the form of a large sea serpent.
Jack has a Water-Dragon! i can see the head!
by EandO August 08, 2011
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A person highly skilled at canoeing. They are people who can just hop in canoe for the first time and just dazzle everyone with their natural abilities. There are very few chosen ones graced with this honor. They are experts of the water element.
Oh my! Look at those people go in that canoe! So amazingly graceful... They must be Water Dragons.
by susankracowski November 11, 2009
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Fish poop.. like the long stringy shit.. but it comes out of your dick after a long night of anal sex.
My boyfriend was really dehydrated and it gave me bad chinese water dragon
by Fuckingright November 19, 2018
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When you are have intercorse before you nut you do handsigns then nut in her nose
by Bdvegrifhr January 07, 2021
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when a women has to shit and a guy sucks it out then spits it on her.
suck my dick or i wont give you any more dirty water dragons
by tyvmmf February 03, 2011
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