An obese, attention-starved woman who seeks to satisfy said deprivation by manipulating desperate, heavily intoxicated men into participating in random sexual encounters.
Hey, did you see the size of the water buffalo that Pickerel hooked up with last night?
by Bob and King March 25, 2006
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When a guy with a really long, dirty beard performs oral sex on a female with a particularly wet vagina, then lifts his head and resembles a water buffalo emerging from a lake or river with water streaming down the coarse facial hair.
"Last night I water buffaloed some chick, and she asked me to wring out my beard into a glass. It filled an entire Hoffbrau beer stein. Want a taste?"
by THE Water Buffalo February 16, 2012
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A fat, ugly, unattratcive girl, at a club or bar trying to pick up guys and get slayed.
Daniel: Did you see the Water Buffalo David picked up lol?
Jeffery: Yes she gross , Hes a smidge if he did not slay her.
by UP7 Crew January 6, 2011
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a prostitute in your average urban environment that is so tore up and smoked out she thinks she is as beautiful as miss america and gets really confused and angry when you and your friends drive by in the car laughing your ass off at her delusional state.
hey look at that water buffalo over there on the corner, she thinks she's as beautiful as Julia Roberts in pretty woman!! haha!!!
by Mickey Darling August 3, 2009
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A water buffalo is a very obese person on a team. Instead of running with everyone elese, he/she spends their time sitting on the sidelines drinking all of the team water.
Player 1: "Hey, look at Billy, hes just sitting there drinking all of the water"
Player 2: "Yeah, he is a water buffalo."
by theycallmejon August 27, 2009
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A really fat ugly girl that one of your friends is dating and you don't want to refer to their girlfriend as a human.
Dude I think Joe is with water buffalo again.
by K Dub Sacs September 18, 2007
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