A small amount of something. Short for smidegeon.
You blocked me in. Can you move your car up just a smidge?
by Michael Chapman June 6, 2005
a person who does not use common sense and usually gets made fun of by others.
Jeffrey: Hey what time is the Knicks game on tonight?
David: Jeffrey stop being a smidge the Knicks are always on @ 7 PM
by DavidGend December 18, 2010
(n.) a small child, under the age of 12.. Often seen playing in streets.
Aww, how cute look at the little smidges.
by squeedlespooge April 18, 2004
the ulmighty king of linwood who has many pawns
random supermodel: i love smidge hes the man

:fonz: i know right
by king smidgen December 10, 2006
small amount of something sweet, emotinally sweet
Katie gave Kristen a smidge when she asked if she wanted to go to Galveston.
by come'on April 25, 2010
When you take a crap and dont wipe your ass good enough so you get smidge in your underwear.
Marla couldnt wipe her ass well enough so she left smidge all in her underwear.
by marlasmellsbad August 1, 2018