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to get fooled/manipulated/tricked by someone
Mary got buffaloed by Peter when he convienced her he wasn't cheating on her
by Paul S. W. November 09, 2006
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To pistol-whip someone with the butt or handle end of the gun instead of the barrel to cause greater injury.
At about 1:00 pm, Virgil and Morgan Earp surprised Ike Clanton on 4th Street where Virgil buffaloed (pistol-whipped) him from behind.
by glimmerthirsty July 17, 2014
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As in the drinking game, Buffalo. This is when both you and your friend are holding a alcoholic beverage and each must hold it in his non-dominant hand or else a "Buffalo!" may be called by pointing your elbow at them and yelling this word. Your friend must chug his drink.

Often played by frisbee players.
Grant will be hammered in 5 minutes; Leland just buffaloed him while he was holding a full Joose.
by shawty shorts November 16, 2009
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To be lied to by a client.
Client: "I'm not going to buffalo you Mr. Auditor, I don't know the answer to your question."

Auditor: "Thank you Mr. Client, I appreciate not getting buffaloed."

Client: "You're welcome. Now get out of my office before I kill you with my bare hands."
by The "D" Man July 09, 2007
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Being hammered with 8 feet of unexpected snow!
Friend1: Dude, did you hear its snowing in Dallas.

Friend2: yeah, its just an inch. Not like its being buffaloed.
by hungrypanda91 November 22, 2014
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