The Ghetto Version of 'Excuse me'.
Used when someone is in your way but you don't want to sound like a jackass by saying "Excuse me" or "Pardon me".

Better than saying GTFOMW
(Get the f*** outta my way)
J >Standing in front of D's locker<
D : Watch Out, J.
J >Moves out of the way<
D >Retrieves item from locker<
J >Returns to spot in front of locker<
by DD V. 2 July 27, 2007
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When people say some dumb shit to you that you don’t want no part of
Hey I’m tryna talk to you , bro watch out
by A'marri Bell May 13, 2019
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An expression used by Wisconsinites, and Midwesterners in general, meaning "I love you", from "I love you, stay safe", popularized by the comedian Charlie Berens
"I'm headed to the Kwik Trip"
"Ope, it's snowing like the Dickens. Watch out for deer."
by JoshUABattle October 24, 2022
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the long running, brilliant, faithfully followed comic written and drawn by Alison Bechdel. chronicles everyday struggles with domesticity, monogamy, parenthood, dating, sex, friendship and politics from the perspective of a growing circle of lesbian, gay, queer and straight characters.
the DTWOF website has yet to create a character profile page......
by dagger_grrl February 17, 2004
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A phrase from the movie Eegah where a disembodied voice says "Watch out for snakes". the term is used by MSTies because the phrase became a joke throught the show.
Check your serve and watch out for snakes
by Crowtrobot May 7, 2008
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