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First off all Wisconsinites are extremely proud of being Wisconsinites. We are Packer loving people who drink beer, eat brats and cheese curds, have bonfires every night in the summer while launching fireworks. Wisconsinites are also shoveling and snow blowing gods. We say the word bag differently then the rest of the world and we would never call soda pop and if you call soda pop in Wisconsin you will be corrected. To us if the temperature is above 20 degrees it is warm outside. Wisconsinites are hardcore hunters. Wisconsin is probably one of the only states that when hunting season comes, a good 20 percent of the kids in school are gone for a few days due to hunting season. Wisconsin is the closest you can get to Canada without going to Canada because everyone here is nice and half the state is Forest. the other half is farmland and cows. We love our cows and our dairy here. after all it is the dairy state.
Jeez those guys are outside shirtless drinking beer in -20 degree weather! eh must be Wisconsinites.
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by Artgeek02 March 14, 2018
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1) A person who lives in the state of Wisconsin.
2) A person who grew up in the state of Wisconsin.
1) Some people think that just because I live in Wisconsin, that I'm a Wisconsinite. I'm actually from France.

2) Wisconsinites are the best.
by sporkeh November 18, 2006
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Somebody who grew up in wisconsin and knows the wisconsin ways like drinking and partying.
A true wisconsinite, man or women, knows how to hold there beer and liquor.
by goldgirl94 January 31, 2010
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The guy you fly by because he's going 50mph on the expressway, then speeds up to get next to you just to flip you off, and then complains to all of his friends that the FIB on the road was driving like a maniac, when in reality he was the one drastically changing speeds and causing road rage.
The Wisconsinite on the road this morning was driving like a typical cheesehead!
by CheeseheadDriversSuck April 06, 2011
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