The best of the best, extremely sexy and handsome, his name stands for handsome in arabic so it only makes sense, always has a smile on his face, usually has a group of 5 friends and spends most of his time on social media, had many crushes but he never had a girlfriend
Girl: Who's that handsome looking boy?
Guy: That's my homie wassim
by A random dude. April 23, 2019
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An act by a person that dumbfounds others.
To ask her out you called her fat? You pulled a Wassim.
by Al February 06, 2004
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handsome, clever, wise, creative, unique.

usually, he does not exist in the real world, he is a methodological creature like the sphinx.
he is like wassim, that is unbelievable.this creature is a myth.
by Mr smoothie February 09, 2020
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When you crack a bottom’s skull and ejaculate on his brain as you recite the multiplication table.
“hey man, i tried the dirty wassim yesterday”
“what’s that?”
“well, it started with a guy who’s mom was a maths teacher”
by lay me down January 15, 2021
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