Abbreviation for "how do you mean?"

(as opposed to "what do you mean?")
This phrase is used when you understand what the person is saying, but not necessarily how they are applying it
Used especially by a British woman before calling you Love
hym love?

Oh right...
by Dr. Regina Phalange January 1, 2020
A shortened version of "Hang Yourself Mate", and is NOT associated in any way with the ultimately angstier definition as "Hate Your Mom Syndrome".

Only to be used when in a situation when the only possible solution is to commit suicide by hanging.
Steve - "Aww man, have you seen the state of the singer of Sum 41? He looks like he got mad keen on the old Haagen Dazs"

Richard - "Fuck, check the state of that! He needs to fuckin' HYM!"
by rmcc86 October 14, 2013
In most cases when you're texting and you see someone typed hym it means 'hush your mouth'

(You will normally see a person use'hym' by texting)
You- You're so stupid
by ✨k.k✨ January 4, 2017
HYMS by definition means Hate Your Mom Syndrome. Cases can vary from mild cases to just not liking her to hating your mom so much that you could kill her. People with HYMS usually find themselves in daily situations where they hate their mother.
Tyler: Yo Dave, any HYMS recently?

Dave: No, how 'bout you?

Tyler: Yea last night my mom made me wash dishes when I

had my girlfriend over. Such a classic case of HYMS.

Dave: Man that blows.
by tzand December 7, 2009
To give thanks or compliment somones
Im giving him real hyms
by thahib October 6, 2009
The bump you get in subscriptions from Hym. From ?.34 mil to ?.39 mil? That's 50k! That's more subscriptions add than the guy that you are interviewing even has! Unbelievable! You gotta be the sorest fucking loser on the planet. I have to test this now...
Hym "You there! Idiot!"

Idiot 🤕 "No, please 🤕🖐️ Not again? Please! I'll do what ever you want this time. See!? 🤳 I already have my phone out."

Hym 😑 "Very well, have you heard of YoungRippa59?"

Idiot "No. Please I'm subscribing now..."
Hym 🤬👊 "Not yet you idiot! I haven't done the pitch yet! Ok. He started out posting reviews of comic book (stuff shows, movies, and books) and then shifted towards political commentary. His politics are the best (as he is not a chicken shit who only wishes to wield the government against his enemies) and NOW he has started his own comic book company so to compete directly with Marvel and DC! Isom #1 (his first comic) has already been released! Now go! Subscribe to his channel! Buy his book! He deserves it more than Dr. Jeepjorp! Go!!! Now!!"
*Shakes arm*
Idiot 🤕 "Ok! Stop I'll do it! Please!" 😭

Hym "Go! Give him the Hym Bump!"
by Hym Iam August 20, 2022