A person who is so plain and uninteresting that they are as attention grabbing as wallpaper; Something invisible
-"That girl is so boring. I felt like I was going to pass out listening to her talk."
~"Yeah, She's such a wallpaper."
by justaquickfix February 8, 2010
It's paper. On the walls. Do you really need a definition for this?
My house has Mickey Mouse wallpaper. Got a problem wit' dat?
by Paul Newman February 8, 2004
When a guy orgasms while wearing pants. Results in the fabric being stuck to his leg.
Primarily occurs on dance floors or at strip clubs.
I spent $300 at the strip club and all I got was a nice wallpapering.
by Char Plassen April 12, 2011
A paper thin booger that clings to the inside of your nostril.
Timmy picked his nose today and tore down some wallpaper.
by Munpuppy July 11, 2008
When describing something or someone, if they are 'wallpaper' they not the art on the walls, they are more like the wall paper. You would not get interesting wallpaper, because you cant change it if you get sick of it, so you get something neutral, simple, uneventful.
I liked their first album, but the rest have been just wallpaper.
by RastusOxide January 17, 2014
old mom panties that are known to be extremely comfortable to sleep in. They are moth eaten and usually come in floral patterns
wow, look at those wallpapers
by Kiwi birdie February 3, 2010
A girl that is so incredibly plain looking that she simply blends into the background.
"Dude, did you see that girl at Starbucks?"

"Nah bruh, she was like wallpaper."
by Marcus garvey January 7, 2015