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Kids, parents of kids & former kids who attend / attended a Waldorf or Steiner school, a movement of schools founded by Rudolf Steiner (the first was in the Waldorf cigarette factory in Stuttgart) in the early 1900's. Lots of the photos one finds of Steiner are a bit severe looking, but rumor has it that he was a hottie, and he may have been taken less seriously by other adults had he wandered around looking like a clown. There are a bunch of Waldorf / Steiner schools in the US as well as other places in the world. Some Waldorfians are hippie-esque in their lifestyle aesthetic & many are tree huggers (amateur or pro), but some are movie stars (who may hug a tree from time to time), and some are even Republicans. The whole idea is that you're eventually supposed to think for yourself instead of copying everyone else, whoever they are at the moment. Being called or referring to yourself as a Waldorfian can be positive or negative depending on tone and whether referring to what's consistent throughout Waldorf Education (e.g. fairy tales told in kindergarten) or a quirk of a particular school's culture.
You knit your own socks? You're such a Waldorfian!
by AgeandTreachery December 28, 2009
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Any person who receives an education at any of the 400 Waldorf Schools located all over the world. They all share the same common morals of recycling, striving to make the world an all-around greener place, and picking organic (even if more costly) over genetically modified, any day. Waldorfians are chill, enjoy cheeba-ing now and again and are bad at math. I think that if the entire human-race were required to go to Waldorf, then there wouldn't be any wars. Waldorfians stand for peace, happiness, and nature and thats what makes them cool.
Money-hungry Business Typhoon: I'm gonna tear down all of these Redwoods and put up a housing development here.
Waldorfian: Dude, I'm gonna do a tree-sit and make it so you'll never get your hands on this land.
Typhoon:I'm gonna sue your ass so you'll be broke.
Waldorfian: Go ahead, I don't need material items. I can live naked. Just as long as I have tofu and water, I'll just keep on truckin'.
by waldorf kid September 15, 2005
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Subscribing to a lifestyle/child-rearing/educational philosophy based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, a Waldorfian believes that a child's spirit and physical being are at least as important as his/her intellectual being.

The Waldorfian believes there is nothing funny about 14 year old boys wearing flowers in their hair and skipping around a May pole, and is often out of touch with popular culture due to the fact that they "don't do media."

A middle-aged Waldorfian often looks several years older than her chronological age due to sun exposure, an aversion to hair dye, and possibly frequent use of pharmacological substances in her younger years.

A Waldorfian may felt wool that has been naturally dyed in organic vegetable juice, and dress herself and her children in wool hats and socks even in the summer.
He's obsessed with the Wii at his friend's house because his parents are Waldorfian.
by slightlyoutoftouch May 16, 2011
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A slang word used by people who are too dim to understand the philosophy behind Waldorf education. I go to a Waldorf school, half my class hates tofu, we didn't even take eurythmy, we obviously know how use computers seeing as i'm writing this now!

Lets see ooohhh yeah, I cooked my dinner in a microwave last night... funny, I didn't find it frightening!

but i do agree with those people who say we are in general, people who like peace, but hell, those people are everywhere! and so are the people who unfortunately don't invest in deoderant!

so just FYI we're normal and i'm glad that i'm comfortable enough with myself to say that i am a waldorfian, and that i don't have to bash people for the school they go to...
you're walking down the isle of the local super market and pass someone wearing tons of peace pins and smells like B.O.

you think: "oh theres a waldorfian"
but just to prove that you right to yourself
you ask: "are you from a waldorf school?"
they answer: "no i go to the local highschool"

example of how people who don't wear deoderant and want peace are everywhere NOT just at waldorf schools
by larkinz March 25, 2008
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adj. Used to describe a student of the Washington Waldorf School. A school where ungrateful children of the revolutionary hippie generation are "forced" to go. It is cool to bitch about Waldorf and to never actually take the effort or initiative to leave the school. The only people who appreciate the school are the ones who have seen education outside it, or just smart students who look outside the student-induced bubble of Waldorf.

There are many misconceptions about Waldorf, like the amusing but untrue rumours about rampant LSD and weed use among the students (the teachers are another story). And beeswax is not considered the ultimate engineering material by Waldorfians. And Waldorf is not attempting to return the world into a scientifically prehistoric era.

General definition of Waldorf Student: One who has not been able to deal with large social situations outside of Waldorf and has switched only because they will then have "friends", even though said friends are forced to spend every schoolday with them. Orrrrr random people who end up at Waldorf by some Bermuda Triangle fluke. Orrrrrr people who hate Whitman and needed to get a broader and more personal education.

Orrrrr Amrita Campell the bitch who gets away with everything and takes the school for granted like its her job. She needs her own definition. Initiative anyone?
Public School Ignoramus/Thinks One's Intelligence Is Shown Solely In Standardized Tests: Duuude, Waldorfians are hippies yo.

Educated Human: Maybe you should stop worshipping the "highest in the country" tests scores at Whitman and read some classic literature like Neitsche or Locke that has shaped the culture you live in.

Public School Novelty Whore: Can I use clifnotes?

Person: Can you jump in front of a train?
by been-there-done-that January 11, 2005
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lots of flowy scarves of natural, pastel colors, swirls of light, veiling, and color, the soft sound of recorders filling the air, eurythmists dancing lightly on soft feet...
A True Waldorfian Is:
-afraid of artificial coloring/flavoring
-afraid of television or electricity, period
-never wears anything not natural or synthetic
-listens to calming music like that of the waves or flutes
- have a huge shrine dedicated to Rudolf Steiner, ignoring the fact that he was part of a sex cult and the school was named after a cigarette company.
- usually EXTREMELY spacey
Julia is NOT Waldorfian.....well, except for the last part.
by a lifer.....IN SPIRIT February 26, 2003
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If you fit 8 or more of the following, you are a waldorfian. What's a waldorfian?...
a person who:
lives in or around Waldorf, Maryland.
wears nike air max goadomes aka NIKEBOOTS (jim jones got em on when he puts his feet up on the desk in the Wefly high video. Fat Joe and other NY niggas wear em too).
cuts the edge of their jeans.
wears new balance 992s laced 3 holes (4 max).
wears a north face.
listens to Go-Go heavily, and cant stop, like heroine.
claims DC or PG as much as they can.
beets they feet to all kinds of music.
is not proud of where they live.
dresses like a skater/"white boy".
wears vans because of the song.
buys a yamaha because little wayne has one.
gets tattoos that little wayne has.
wants to be little wayne.
wears fake bape purchased at the local market or took a trip to georgetown.
is a hardcore swagger jacker.
thinks that fly is notmatching (girls).
buys tickets to high school football games to hang out on the fence.
returns to their former high school after they've graduated to pick up 16 yr old girls, because college girls are too hard to get.
copies all of their words and style and actions from DC niggas.
wear thermals because jim jones has one.
start little mini gangs and beat up other mini gangs.
smokes green in school and doesn't get caught.
hangs out at the st. chuck mall.
hates white people.
wants a caprice or impala ss but cant tell the difference.
steals from upperclass white people stores.
gets kicked out of the mall for being black.
goes to as many gogos they can just to start a wreck.
tries to be fly as shyt.
goes to school just for the bitches.
lives with their mother at age 26, dates a high school girl, and is apparently, on his "Grown Man Shit".
is not quite old enough to drive, but is also on his Grown Man Shyt because he was hired by Wendy's.
has glow in the dark neon hair (girls).
thinks she's a hunnie just because she hangs with a crew (girls).
starts a gogo band out of nowhere..very few of them are good.
makes a myspace account just to hate on some other people (girls).

...list goes on forever..

but its ok to be a aint where you from its where you Rakim said.
and if you from waldorf you obviously go hard..
Waldorf stand up.
But don't look at me, i'm from kansas.
***lil waynes new video shows him with no more hair***
johnny, billy, and mikey, davey, larry, stevie, Big Q, lil bud, T-top, AJ, Murk, and Trina, formerly Chronically Rude And Niggerish Killas Band all go shave their dreads and twists off because lil wayne did it.
------------------ ------ ------------------
by Brian Fantana November 12, 2006
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