The great enslaver. They bind the souls of man into a vast and uniform grid devoid of reality, of existence, of meaning. The tests are the infernal spawn of the infernal spawn of evil- they take education and crush it down into bubbles, which they further crush into your poor mind. So called "educators," make the children take the ACTs, SATs, etc. only to harness what was good in their life and crush it away. The tests have no purpose but to destroy, to conquer, to cause anguish to the wretched and miserable test-takers. They reify all that is bad, wrong, evil, disgusting, putrescent, and filthy. There is no moral harm greater than being forced to take a standardized test.
Jim had to take standardized tests. Rather than complete it he stabbed his pencil through his throat and watched the blood gush out on to the neat answer sheet, filling in the ovals with the red pain they cause for humanity. Jim died.
by The Wisest One of All Time October 12, 2009
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Like stage fright, only with standardized tests. One who suffers from Standardized Test Fright fears going into the testing room, having other students stare at them, and Musk Oxen.
To prep for his SAT & ACT tests, Allan perfected first his mind, then his body, utilizing every trick he could find to rid himself of his Standardized Test Fright and assume his rightful place, as the Chosen One.
by old_standardized_tester November 5, 2018
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A gay typing test that is a annoying wrong judgement of your typing skills.
Blayney this standard speed test is crap!
by yarr February 17, 2006
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