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What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar.
by Luke January 30, 2003
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โ€œThat show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.โ€
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Stands for "What Would Jesus Do?", where "Jesus" refers to Jesus of Nazareth (see New Testament). Often printed on cheap bracelets or along the length of lanyards.

Articles with "WWJD?" are worn by Christians to promote and/or reflect the idea that in times of conflict or moral dilemna, one should speculate (based on the teachings and behaviors described in the Gospels) what Jesus would probably have done in the given situation.
"I'm not sure if I should write this webpage script in Perl, Java or PHP. Hmm, What Would Jesus do?"

"WWJD? Well for starters, he probably wouldn't purchase and wear tacky jewelry."

"Why is exclaiming 'Jesus Christ!' considered taking the Lord's name in vain, but wearing tacky 'WWJD?' jewelry isn't?"
by Bill M. July 30, 2004
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This famous acronym stands for What Would Jesus Do? A lot of people don't understand this very much. Well, if you are in a heated situation and you don't know what to do, think what Jesus would've done (because whatever he did, it was considered as a righteous action).
Teacher: Did you cheat on the exam?
You: (Think WWJD. Jesus would tell the truth.) Yes, I cheated on the exam today, Mr. Smith.
by Rozee March 30, 2004
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What would Jesus Do? Used on Christian bracelets,necklaces among other things.
I saw this guy in the theater talking on his cell phone. I thought about chunking popcorn at his head until he shut up; then I saw my wrist band that said "W.W.J.D." So I lit him on fire and sent him to Hell, I really did feel better to.
by Demon Kat November 27, 2005
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Abbreviation of "What would Jesus do?" Intended to serve as a reminder to Christians that Jesus Christ should be the model for their morality. Very popular among people who are too stupid to know the answer to the question.
Jesus would drink beer, watch NASCAR, and own as many shotguns as the law allowed.
by Fmuh January 05, 2005
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Acronym for the popular phrase "Who Wants Jelly Doughnuts."
People often display thier doughnut pride by wearing WWJD bracelets.
by Ahzriell November 08, 2002
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