What The Fucking Fuck

-basically it is What The Fuck but when u are really mad or confused, this is more deeper way of expressing it.
john: lisa just dumped me for that moron. WTFF?!!
by maydagirl July 2, 2007
Abbreviation for 'WILL TWEET FOR FOOD'.
That guy on the street corner is holding up a sign that says, "WTFF"....he must be hungry!!!
by Master Kitty April 15, 2014
matt: WTFF man i told you to meet me at the golden gates.
joe: i care a flying fuck what you say.
by greycellsinxs March 16, 2009
Text abbreviation for "What The Figgity Fuck", a saying that might slip out when you hear something (or read a text) that devastates your mind.
(Text conversation)
Man 1: OMFG! Did you hear I got the part?

Man 2: What I didn’t know that you were a thespian.

Man 1: No, I don’t act but I will be the main character in an all black midget gang bang, I’m going to be the only white guy/non midget there. I hope they aren't packing heat.

Man 2: WTFF!
by I got you back July 13, 2009
A picture of a confused captain Picard from Star Trek. Used as a popular twitch emote. Similar to DansGame but with more emphasis on confusion than disgust.
This content is WTFF .
Normies WTFF .
by Swordfishey August 10, 2020
What the flying fuck?
an expandment of W-T-F
i didn't know she was 16!
by Doc-Ziggy August 4, 2005
What the Flip-Flop. A phrase that expresses the same sentiment as WTF but keeping it rated G.
Dad: Honey you got a D on your test
10 year old daughter: WTFF! I studied!
by KingfishNJ February 22, 2011